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ECS has a dedicated department of experienced Engineers whom provide a valuable service with their wealth of experience in both diagnostics testing and component level repairs. All repairs are carried out under strict quality control and are also covered by an ECS Ltd warranty.

We can also design dedicated test equipment to perform diagnostics and functional testing. This brings a peace of mind knowing that the repaired item has been fully stressed prior to dispatch. This service is normally used for complex modules.

You can find out more by talking to any member of our sales team.
Bank note readers Bank Note Readers:


Types: BNA50/55 BNA51/56 BNA52/57 BNA541/542

Common Usages:
Pay on Foot Parking Machines, Rail and mass Transit ticketing vending machines.

Monitor, PSU and PCB Power Supply Units,
Printed Circuit boards
and Monitors:

Linear & Switch Mode PSU's,
Various types of PCB's
Monitors from 9" to 21"

Common Usages:
Industrial equipment, machine tools, etc.

Stepper Motor DC Motors:

Types: Servo, stepper and brushless motors

Common Usages:
Dot matrix printers, Laser printer, Library storage/retrieval systems and robotic assemblies.

AC Motor AC Motors:

Types: Induction, single and three phase motors

Common Usages:
Mainframe, tape drives, band printer, cooling systems, industrial machinery, pumps and conveyor systems.

Blower Single, Double, & Triple Fans & Blowers:

Types: Centrifugal, Axial and Radial 12Vdc to 240Vac

Common Usages:
Mainframe equipment, High-speed printers, power supply units and cooling systems.


The above items represent just a few of the range of products, that we rework for our Clients. Contact us today if your product is not listed and see how ECS can bring benefits to your business.